Auction Alert! Email Blast

What is an Auction Alert!

Auction Alert! is a digital brochure that showcases your auction to our database of auction bidders who have asked to be notified about upcoming real estate auctions.

Who should use the Auction Alert! product?

This product yields the highest return on commercial properties and residential properties with national appeal.

Most Recent Auction Alert!s


  • Fully customized digital brochure
  • You won't be competing with other upcoming auctions. Each Auction Alert! is sent individually
  • Your Auction Alert! will be received by thousands of bidders who have requested to be notified about upcoming real estate auctions


  • Single: $500
  • 6-Pack: $1,800
  • Re-send the same Alert!: $150

  • Includes custom design & distribution.


Common Auction Alert! Questions

Where do you get the email addresses that you send my Property Auction Alert! to?
We allow bidders who would like to be notified about upcoming real estate auctions to subscribe to our Auction Alert! notifications.  Most of these people have been subscribing since 1997!
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Does Property Auction Alert! work on all computers?
Yes. Property Auction Alert! is formatted to ensure compatibility with all computers and browsers for optimal viewing. In the rare instance of a very old computer, the viewer may not be able to view the color, but the content will still appear.
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Can I see the people that you are sending my Property Auction Alert! to in order to follow up?
No. Property Auction respects the privacy of its members and recipients of Property Auction Alerts!. We do not sell, distribute, or abuse any of the information submitted to us. Recipients have all expressed interest in receiving information on real estate auctions so rest assured that your message will get out to the potential buyers you are looking for.
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I have an email list that I would like to send out my Property Auction Alert! to, how do we do this?
Just send us the list and indicate to your sales representative that you will be including your own private list as part of our mass send.
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What type of file should my photos be in for Property Auction Alert!?
All photos should be in "jpeg" or "gif" and independent from text and other photos. An hourly fee, in addition to the regular order amount, will be charged for the conversion of photos that are not in the appropriate format.
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How do I add my company logo?
Just let your sales representative know that you would like to submit your logo to us to be used in your digital brochure. Please send it to us as a "jpeg" or "gif" file.
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What forms of payment do you accept for Property Auction Alert!?
Your sales representative will explain the billing process. We accept most major credit cards, Pay Pal, check or wire transfer.
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Will I be able to approve my Property Auction Alert! before it is sent out to the database?
Yes. If you would like a proof of your Property Auction Alert! before sending it, just indicate that to us.
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I want to send out an identical Property Auction Alert! to the database again. Can I do this?
Yes. Just let us know that you have already used the service for this particular auction and we will have it done in a flash. A discount is applicable for multiple sends.
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My photo is not in electronic format. Can I send it to you?
Yes. Mail us an original photograph and we will scan and convert it to a digital file.