Free Postings

What are Free Postings?

Manually posting your real estate auction listings on the PropertyAuction's real estate auction directory is free and could not be easier! Get your upcoming auctions directly in front of investors, brokers, owners, and other real estate professionals who search our site everyday for commercial and residential real estate auctions. It's easy as 1-2-3!

Who should use the Free Postings product?

If you have 5 auctions or less each month, this is an ideal product to get your auctions in front of thousands of real estate auction buyers.


  • Your upcoming auction information will be seen by real estate auction bidders and buyers who are actively seeking out their next purchase.
  • Posting a listing takes under 3 minutes.
  • It' Free!

How about PropertyAuction automatically adding your listings for you?

With PropertyAuction's Auto-Post Listing service you can set it and forget it. Learn more