Corporations Move Quickly to Shed Assets

April 5th, 2008 by PA - Bloger

corporate auctionThe most efficient way for large scale corporations to sell real estate assets today is certainly through a real estate auction. We all know real estate brokers are struggling right now with an overload of property sitting in their inventory. These properties are taking months and sometimes years to move. While the corporations are waiting around for something to happen they are paying dearly for it. Holding costs and maintenance costs during a listing period followed by a prolonged negotiation that may or may not result in a sale can run a corporate owned property right into the red.

Seems like one such corporation has elected to have their properties sold at auction. Tranzon Asset Advisors out of Kentucky is representing the auction sale of two large scale corporately owned facilities on April 15th. One of the properties boasts over $1M of NNN income. This actually presents a rare opportunity for a buyer as most corporate properties that we've seen are usually vacant.

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4 Responses

  1. OC Housing says:

    well, I’ve been looking at real estate auction for a while, majority of the people still gets screwed on the deal

  2. Auction Dash says:

    I guess auction is going to be the quickest way to cut their losses.

  3. Rick Leski says:

    Steve- Are you talking about the buyers or the sellers?

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