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Case Closed: The Buyer Can Often Have the Advantage with Closing Costs at a Real Estate Auction

November 22nd, 2010 by PA - Bloger
Real estate auctions are proving to be advantageous for both buyers and sellers alike.  With the golden opportunity of getting a great deal on a key property, benefits for buyers at auctions are on the rise. One of these benefits can include decreased closing costs.
Typical closing costs in a traditional sale include the down payment, loan fees, prepaid interest, inspection fees, appraisal fee, mortgage insurance, title insurance, etc.  These costs usually add up to several thousands of dollars for the buyer. With a real estate auction, the winning bidder can be responsible for many of the same costs, though sometimes these can be reduced. According to, closing costs with a real estate auction are sometimes “split 50/50 with the seller of the property.” There seems to be more flexibility with an auction sale versus a traditional real estate sale, where according to Dynamic Auction Solutions, “terms may vary from auction to auction… the Seller traditionally pays deed preparation costs and transfer or deed tax.” Real estate auctions offering foreclosed properties can provide major savings to buyers. MSN Money reports “…the savings may be twofold if the property is purchased from the lender who holds the mortgage that’s in default. That lender may be willing to waive some of the closing costs, maybe even offer a break on the interest rate or the down payment.”
Facts such as these are quite useful to buyers, especially with many choice properties offering prime investment opportunities. For example, LFC is offering a new 13,365 SF restaurant/bar in Stoughton, Wisconsin as well as a proposed 79 lot residential subdivision in Clearlake, California – both opportunities are lender-owned.  Looking for luxury? Check out United Country/Supreme Auctions’ 73-acre, 12,808 SF custom built home coming up for auction on December 7th. No matter what property you’re looking to live in or invest in, real estate auctions are providing endless opportunities with significant financial advantages for the buying market.

You Can Be Just as Diligent Online as In Person

November 16th, 2010 by PA - Bloger

It used to be that real estate auctions had to be an in-person process. While traditional auctions allow more actual physical accessibility to viewing the property and original documentation, it can be difficult geographically when you’re interested in a property on the other side of the country. For real estate investors who actively purchase at auction, this used to be a deterrent. Thanks to the Internet and the latest upgrades in technology, on-line real estate auctions have given investors access to properties nationwide along with every piece of information necessary.

Sellers are well aware of the ease and convenience online auctioning offers the buying market. With due diligence obviously essential when purchasing a property, potential buyers can gather all necessary materials from various websites available 24 hours a day from the comfort of their own home or office. For example, according to, Google and Microsoft provide free satellite and 3D maps to thoroughly investigate the location of most properties. Information about utilities, schools, area attractions, town development, etc., is all available online. Websites such as and also offer free home value analysis to give you an estimated value on the property of interest. reports of various online tutorials as well as live customer service available to assist in the online auction process.

This technological advantage is adding to the appeal and success of real estate auctions. From anywhere in the country, a potential buyer can bid on Rucker Realty’s 17,960 SF commercial building located in Concordia, Kansas, or on Elliot Paul & Company’s 1100+ SF condo in Boca Raton, Florida. From coast to coast, regardless of time zone, online auctions are available to countless bidders and buyers that provide an abundance of new investment opportunities.

Be Prepared: Getting Pre-Approved for a Loan before Attending a Real Estate Auction

November 8th, 2010 by PA - Bloger

With the real estate market being so unpredictable, real estate auctions remain an attractive and popular option for both sellers and buyers. Commercial and residential properties alike are being auctioned by various real estate professionals, and many investors see auctions as a golden opportunity to get the most bang for their buck. According to the National Auctioneers Association, $58.6 billion in commercial and residential real estate was sold at auction last year, and predicts that nearly a third of all real estate will be sold at auction by 2013.

In order to be a contender at an auction, potential bidders and buyers must be sure to have the required financing. Once your bid is accepted, it’s a done deal. So if you’re serious about purchasing at a real estate auction, be prepared. You must be pre-approved – not pre-qualified – for a loan. Pre-approvals are more detailed and require more documented information. The typical process would be to fill out an application with a bank or other financial institution for the highest amount you would be willing to spend on the property. You will be required to provide various documents including bank statements, W-2 forms, proof of IRAs or retirement accounts, most recent pay stubs, etc. Your credit report would also be checked during this process, and sometimes an application fee is involved depending on the institution. Upon completion and approval, you should receive a good faith estimate (GFE) which basically explains the terms of the loan, including the interest rate and loan type. When attending an auction, you would bring the pre-approval letter along with 5-10% earnest money of the possible purchase price.

Auctions continue to be a driving force in the real estate market – just check out the listings. From Fisher Auction Company’s November 30th auction of 10 properties throughout Miami/Dade/Broward Counties in Florida to United Country’s December 9th auction of a 154-acre mountaintop estate in Maricopa, Arizona, properties in both commercial and residential listings are being capitalized on nationwide – all through real estate auctions.

Real Estate Auctions vs. Traditional Listings : Looks Like Auctions are Getting the Edge

November 1st, 2010 by PA - Bloger

With the real estate market still floundering, many sellers today are turning to real estate auctions instead of using the traditional listing method. For both residential and commercial properties, real estate auctions are proving to be successful at making the sale while bringing in a lucrative profit. According to, “In the U.S. today, more people are actually buying foreclosures or properties on auction than they are making traditional real estate purchases.”

There are a plethora of benefits to real estate auctions for sellers, especially in today’s market. For starters, selling by auction puts your property in the spotlight on a specific date and time rather than being ‘just another listing’ in the thousands of properties using the traditional listing method. Buyers bid competitively, driving up the price of the sale rather than being negotiated down as with traditional listings. Sellers can be sure that people attending their auction are seriously interested in making a purchase, instead of enduring countless potential buyers who are often ‘just looking’. Also, an auction is an effective marketing strategy of a property, where it creates a unique curiosity and sense of urgency in buyers and investors.

Obviously those in the real estate industry are well aware of these benefits and more. United Country – Stone Auction & Realty has a key multi-property auction coming up on November 15 in Wilson, NC, including a 37,000 SF commercial steel building on a 3.4 acre lot. There are also a host of residential properties set for auction, including a 3,740 SF luxury lakefront home in Bonneau, NC represented by Tranzon Integrity Partners on November 2. With the success rate of real estate auctions only increasing, you can expect more sellers and investors to be taking advantage of this profitable option.

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