Florida Remains a Hotbed of Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

March 23rd, 2011 by PA - Bloger

The state of Florida is a magnet for tourists, retirees and residents for a plethora of reasons. Known as the “Sunshine State”, Florida boasts beautiful beaches, designer golf courses, balmy year-round weather, and of course everyone’s favorite theme park hosted by an irresistible Mouse. Florida is also getting more popular with real estate investors due to the boom of opportunities through real estate auctions.

Florida Real Estate Auctions

Florida Remains a Hotbed of Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

From commercial properties to luxury homes, there’s a real estate auction for it in Florida. The real estate crash obviously affected the entire country, but states such as Florida were hit particularly hard. Real estate buyers and investors have always considered Florida as offering some of the best deals in the market, and the onslaught of foreclosures has reinforced that idea. According to an article written in the New York Times in September 2010, “The state routinely sets new records for foreclosures — in the second quarter, 20.13 percent of its mortgages were delinquent or in foreclosure, a national high, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. And with housing prices still in a free fall, almost half of all borrowers in Florida owe more on their mortgages than their properties are worth.”

For business and home owners in financial distress and anxious to sell a property rather than being put in foreclosure, the auction method of sale offers a lucrative option. With an accelerated marketing plan, reassurance of a specific time frame along with the possibility of selling for a fair price, real estate auctions are providing owners with much-needed relief.

The lure of Florida real estate for investors and buyers is obvious – with an overflowing inventory filled with every type of real estate to choose from, it’s a buyer’s dream market. Want a beach house? Go to Florida. Looking to open a convenience store? Go to Florida. The kids are in college and you’re itching to move somewhere warm? You guessed it – go to Florida. With the copious supply of real estate auction in florida along with committed sellers, limited negotiations, and an expedited sales process, it’s no wonder why real estate investors are flocking to Florida as the new land of opportunity.

Numbers can prove a point – PropertyAuction.com currently has 100’s of residential and commercial real estate auctions in Florida. Real estate auctions are regarded as beneficial to both sellers and buyers in Florida and many other states still trying to rebound from the nation’s unstable economy.

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