PA Picks – Some Properties You May Find Accommodating

There are a wide range of hotel and motel options to choose from when traveling. From modest roadside establishments to five-star resorts, those on a business or pleasure trip have a vast selection from which to pick their temporary residence. This week, PA is looking at some properties in the accommodation sector that may be of high appeal for those looking to invest in this lucrative industry.

Take a look at Micoley & Company’s 56,073sf hotel in Dixon, Illinois. Located near various historical sites, this full-service property is equipped with 89 rooms and parking for 160 cars. PA is picking this listing for its amenities, including a pool area and dining room with full kitchen. Auction date is February 11th.

Looking for something in warmer temperatures? Check out Fisher Auction’s turnkey 97-room motel in Clermont, Florida. Offering a pool on premises and situated right across from its sister property Summer Bay Resort, this listing is in excellent condition and ready for business. PA digs this property for its high visibility and convenient location, west of State Road 429 and only 6 miles from Disney World. Auction date is February 29th.

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