Spotlight On: Gary Anthony, Executive Regional Director East Region [NJ and PA],

September 16th, 2013 by melissa

Spotlight on . . .Gary Anthony

We recently spoke with Gary Anthony of As Executive Regional Director for New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Gary has extensive experience dealing with sales in all sectors from commercial and development to land and residential. With a solid background in online auctions, we discussed this platform with Gary as well as other current topics in real estate auctions.

PA: Tell us about your organization and your role in the company.
GA: We are a national auction company that handles both traditional real estate and auctions. However, our focus is on auctions. I am the Regional Director for the East covering New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

PA: What type of properties do you specialize in?
As a company, we auction all types of properties. Many of the agents and Regional Directors on the ground have their different specialties, but we all come together and auction anything from raw land to notes and everything in between.

PA: How would you say the economy over the past 5 years has affected your business? Also, with the recent surge in real estate sales, do you see an uptick in property auctions?
GA: The business has not been affected terribly. People will always have a need to buy and sell real estate and we offer the best and most transparent method to do both. There has been an uptick in auctions across the country as more buyers and sellers see the benefits of the auction method of sale.

PA: With the real estate market and current economy appearing to move in a positive direction, what are your predictions for the property auction industry for the rest of this year? For 2014?
GA: For the rest of the year, I foresee the real estate auction industry being utilized more frequently to liquidate properties. This trend will continue into 2014. As a company, we have quite a few auctions coming up across the country this year alone. As I look at some of the other companies, their numbers seem to be growing as well.

PA: What areas of the country do you think are using the auction method of sale the most frequently?
GA: I wouldn’t pinpoint any one area as using the auction method more frequently than the next. In some areas certain property types may go up more often than in others, but the auction method is becoming more accepted across the country.

PA: What properties do you think work best with an online sale format?
GA: That’s the million dollar question. To be honest, any property would work great on an online format. As we see more international buyers come into play in these auctions, it is imperative that an auction company has an online presence and a means to do online only auctions. specializes in the simulcast style of auctions, incorporating both the online and the live auctions.

PA: What type of property is drawing the most potential buyers – Commercial? Residential? Land?
GA: Before today I would’ve said residential. However, as I mentioned before we are having more international buyers stepping into the marketplace, and they are looking for all types of real estate. Investors are now starting to look at other investment opportunities in real estate, and not just residential homes. Performing and non-performing notes are also a hot ticket item now. I say all forms of real estate are drawing a lot of buyers.

PA: House flipping has recently been reported as on the rise once again – are you seeing this with your auctions?
GA: Yes, we are definitely seeing many flips come through the auctions. We have investors that buy at our auctions, rehab and come back to us to re-sell the property via the auction method. We are seeing more good investment properties coming through the auctions attracting investors from all over.

PA: Your company clearly handles auctions nationwide, making online advertising essential. What do you think is the most effective vehicle of advertising for an online auction versus a live auction?
GA: The Internet and social media are a big part of advertising for an online auction. So many people these days are online whether at home or on their smart phones or tablets. It’s essential to capture this new crop of investors and home buyers that are Internet savvy. Advertising on a site like PropertyAuction is a sure fire way to drive traffic to an online auction.

PA: How is social media utilized in your marketing plan?
GA: Social media is an essential part of my marketing plan and auction proposal. I use a great company called ForwardProgress that absolutely dominates the social media aspect of our marketing.

PA: What are your top 3 tips for buyers and sellers?
GA: 1) Take a look at the auction method, as it is the most transparent way to do business; 2) Ask questions and fully understand the different types of auctions; 3) Stop by and contact one of us if you have any questions!

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