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Spotlight On: Maverick Commins, Owner and President, Supreme Auctions

October 13th, 2014 by melissa

Spotlight on . . .Maverick

We had the opportunity to speak with Maverick Commins, Owner and President of Supreme Auctions. Possessing unparalleled experience in the luxury real estate market, Maverick has acquired large success in this niche area of the industry and specializes in Accelerated Marketing. We covered several current topics including potential sales prospects, international auctions and the future of online-only auctions.

PA: Tell us about Supreme Auctions and your role with the company.
MC: Supreme Auctions is a global Luxury Auction firm who has revolutionized the way luxury properties are sold both in the U.S. and abroad. Supreme Auctions is currently the largest luxury real estate auction firm in the U.S., with eight offices across the U.S. and the first U.S. firm to open an office in London U.K. As the CEO/President of Supreme Auctions, it is my job to direct the company brand awareness, and the expansion both here in the U.S. and overseas. Integrity, knowledge, innovation, experience, and honesty are the keys to our company’s success. These core values are the reason why Supreme Auctions has never been in any litigation during the company’s history.

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Spotlight On: Marianne Sullivan, President and Lead Auctioneer, Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC

May 8th, 2014 by melissa

Spotlight on . . .Marianne

We recently spoke with Marianne Sullivan, President and Lead Auctioneer of Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC. Covering all facets of real estate with a specialty in foreclosure and municipal auctions, Marianne has more than 20 years of experience in the field. We explored several topics including the current economy and rise of real estate sales, mobile and social media marketing, and women in the auctioneering industry.

PA: How did you get your start in real estate auctions?
MS: I took a part-time position for a local auction company in Boston. It wasn’t long before I realized I had a passion for the industry and began a full-time career. Eighteen years passed quickly! In 2007 I felt I had the experience to make the leap starting Sullivan & Sullivan conservatively by renting a few desks in a real estate office. I grew to need a larger office in one year and again after three years. We recently completed an expansion to our new operations center and have settled in nicely.

PA: Tell us about your organization – what type of properties do you specialize in?
MS: We are a full service commercial auctioneering firm specializing in the foreclosure and municipal auction arena. We sell residential, commercial, and industrial real estate properties, land, and intellectual property.

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Spotlight On: William Bone, President, National Auction Group, Inc.

March 4th, 2014 by melissa

Spotlight on . . .William

For this month’s Spotlight On, we spoke with William Bone, President of National Auction Group, Inc. Covering real estate auctions in every sector nationwide, National Auction Group has established itself as a prominent leader in the field. In our interview, various topics were discussed including the current real estate market, the importance of mobile marketing, and international investors at auction.

PA: Please describe your background and your role with the company.
WB: I have been president of the National Auction Group, Inc. for 20+ years and have overseen operations and auctions which resulted in billions of dollars in real estate sales in 44 states and 6 foreign countries.

PA: How do you think the recent surge in real estate sales is affecting property auctions – positively or negatively?
WB: It has been a positive for auctions. Auctions continue to grow in popularity with buyers and sellers. Auctions take away all of the negotiating and back and forth between buyers and sellers, but still leave both parties feeling like they have gotten a fair deal. Auctions will continue to make up a larger portion of the real estate market.

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Spotlight On: Beth Rose, Owner and Auctioneer of Rose Auction Group

December 20th, 2013 by melissa

Spotlight on . . .Beth

We recently spoke with Beth Rose, owner of Rose Auction Group and third-generation auctioneer. Beginning the company in Ohio and expanding to Michigan and Florida, Beth conducts over 400 auctions per year in all areas of real estate. Her solid background and expertise has awarded her as the first female in history to win the Michigan State Auctioneers Association bid-calling contest in 2009, and Auction of the Year in 2010. Topics we discussed with Beth include the development of online auctions, the rise in real estate sales and current economy, and women in the auctioneering industry.

PA: As a third-generation firm and company owner, tell us about Rose Auction Company and how you became its leader.
BR: To most people, the dynamics of my family have always been intriguing. My father, David Rose, was my mentor and I grew up in the auction business with him and my three sisters. He groomed us to be the best salespeople! He believed in education and put us through vigorous sales training to make sure we were always ready to make a sale.He always told me to wake up every morning as if you were unemployed and go make a sale that day. To this day, I use that philosophy. My biggest competitor in my local market is my sister, Pamela Rose. Although we compete in the auction business, at the end of the day, we’re still family and best friends. I treat every appointment as if Pam is sitting in the driveway to get the deal. My father created four powerhouses and just as we competed as children on the playground, we love the thrill of competing in the auction business. My father has since passed away but I remember him saying, “My girls are some of the best sales people around; they are survivors and they will only excel in their careers.” Today, my NAA family has filled the void of my father as my mentor. Going through CAI and meeting the best of the best in the industry keeps me going. But most of all, being a leader means passing the torch to the next generation of auctioneers to give back what the industry has given me. Read the rest of this entry »

Spotlight on: Richard Kruse, President, Gryphon USA

November 13th, 2013 by melissa

Spotlight on . . .Richard

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Richard Kruse, President of Gryphon USA. Recently appointed to the Ohio Auctioneers Commission by Governor John R. Kasich, Richard has vast experience with both live and online auctions, and has recently expanded his company to include Specializing in asset management and liquidation, Richard continues to be a strong leader in this sector of the field. Topics discussed include the recent uptick in real estate sales and their impact on the auction industry, online auctions, and the property auction forecast for 2014.

PA: Tell us about your company Gryphon USA and why you decided to launch this specialized organization.
RK: Gryphon USA, Ltd. is a multi-faceted asset management and liquidation firm focusing on the operations and dissolution of single assets through and including entire companies. Gryphon maintains a receivership and asset management group, commercial auction practice, art, antique and pottery auction group and real property management group. Real estate transactions are managed through Borror Properties Real Estate. Read the rest of this entry »

Spotlight On: Stephanie Wilkinson, Chief Operating Officer, Sheldon Good & Company

October 4th, 2013 by melissa

Spotlight on . . .Stephanie

We recently spoke with Stephanie Wilkinson, Chief Operating Officer of Sheldon Good & Company. Representing a host of clients with varied portfolios that include residential properties, developmental land and commercial institutions, Stephanie’s expertise in the real estate auction industry applies to all facets of every deal. We recently spoke with Stephanie on several topics including the current economy and recent uptick of real estate sales, social media marketing, online auctions and what lies ahead for 2014.

PA: Tell us about Sheldon Good and your role with the company.
SW: Sheldon Good & Company has a 45-year track record of proven results. We have sold billions of dollars of properties and have the highest closing ratio in the industry. Our firm specializes in analyzing real estate and creating the proper deal structure to maximize return, utilizing a sophisticated array of alternative sales strategies that include open-outcry auction programs, sealed bid offerings, private sale campaigns, phased auction plans and structured loan sales throughout North America and the Caribbean. As COO, I oversee a team of real estate professionals that develop and execute the disposition strategies for all of our real estate transactions. This includes evaluating potential real estate opportunities, crafting the specific sales program, developing and executing the marketing campaign and effectively concluding the sale of the asset. Read the rest of this entry »

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